Medical First Response

Licensed FRO

The Whitesboro Fire Department is a Licensed First Responder Organization (FRO) with the Texas Department of State Health Services.  This allows us to respond to medical emergencies and begin emergency care before the arrival of an ambulance.   Texas Vital Care maintains two ambulances in our city.  However, there are times when they both may be out on emergency calls.   This is when our FRO License is important because it allows us to legally provide medical attention in the absence of an ambulance. Captain Stephen Wilcox oversees our FRO program, and we are in the process of upgrading it to be able to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) interventions.  Currently we are licensed to perform at the Basic Life Support Level (BLS) under our Medical Director, Dr. Malone.  Out of our 29 firefighters, 8 are Paramedics, 11 are EMTs,  and we currently have 4 more in EMT class and a few will soon take an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) class.  By summer of 2020, we should have 25 members trained to one level of medical care or another.  Great news for our community!