Become A Volunteer


Why Volunteer?

Many people look for ways to give back to their communities.  Volunteering in your local fire department allows you to do that and at the same time contributes greatly to the well being and safety of your local community.  You can become a part of a proud tradition that has existed in Whitesboro for over 100 years.

What Can I Do?

We have a wide variety of needs which in turn need a wide variety of volunteer skill-sets to meet them.  We understand that not everyone is destined to be an interior firefighter, but we have many other areas that also rely on volunteers, such as operating equipment, responding to medical emergencies, performing inspections, and fire prevention, just to name a few.

I Don't Know Anything About the Fire Service.

Many of our volunteers join the department with little to no experience or knowledge of the fire service.  We understand that new volunteers will have varying degrees of knowledge and confidence in their abilities.  We strive to make educating and certifying our volunteers a priority.    

How Time Consuming is Volunteering?

While we expect volunteers to be active in attending meetings, training, and emergencies at the fire station, we also understand that our volunteers have a life outside of the fire department.  We don't want you to feel like you have to drop everything to be a firefighter.  As little as a couple of hours a week is all that we ask for you to stay active and a part of the fire department.  

Will it be Dangerous?

While firefighting and associated activities are inherently dangerous, the Whitesboro Fire Department operates in an extremely safe manner using modern techniques and equipment to lessen the danger and chance of injury.  New volunteers will not be thrust into any areas where they will feel threatened or unsafe.  We are a progressive, safety oriented department and we are confident that once on board you will gain the abilities and confidence to function safely in even the most threatening of situations.

Count me In!

Great!  The next step is to contact the fire department (Contact Us) or come by the station and get any questions answered you night have and look around a bit.  While you're there, pick up an application for membership.  The next steps are as follows:

  • Fill out the application entirely and bring it back to us.
  • We will conduct a background and reference checks.
  • You will be contacted for an interview with a few of our members.
  • There will be a second interview with the Fire Chief.  
  • A short term of probationary membership.
  • Full-fledged membership.